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Tourism Saskatchewan Travel Literature

The 2019 Saskatchewan Travel Guide is available to display and to share with visitors. Order your free bulk quantities of the guide by submitting the Bulk Order Form to The 2018-2019 Official Saskatchewan Road Map is also available.

With engaging copy and stunning photography, the 2019 Saskatchewan Travel Guide features top travel in the south, central and north tourism areas of the province, as well as holiday highlights in Regina and Saskatoon. Each section has event information, winter content and feature articles that put the spotlight on the area’s key experiences – from hidden gems and family fun in Saskatchewan parks to game day festivities and top-notch dining. 

To improve the utility of the guide for consumers, larger conceptual maps in each section include all of the regional, provincial and national parks, as well as major attractions throughout the area. An extensive index provides travellers with contact information for the businesses, attractions and events mentioned throughout the publication.

To view the guides in PDF format online, visit the Travel Guides and Maps page on