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Market Segment Profiles

Since 2016, Tourism Saskatchewan has worked with Environics Analytics to develop custom market segments that deepen understanding of the values and motivations of Saskatchewan’s visitors. The segmentation analysis incorporated data from multiple sources. These included people who inquired about travel in Saskatchewan, as well as those who visited the province.

The custom market segments can be used by tourism industry operators and stakeholders to identify:

  • Demographic and behavioural characteristics of key visitor segments – this information helps you choose your best images and plan the ideal media mix
  • Visitors’ social values – these details explain what drives them to visit Saskatchewan and helps with crafting relevant, influential messages
  • Priority geographic markets – these show where potential visitors live, and enable refined, specifically targeted marketing efforts

Below are the Market Segment Profiles for Canadian leisure travellers in four categories – Affluent Families, Minivans and Memories and Short-haul Suburbanites. Click on the PDF files to review the information:

Lakes and Locals

Affluent Families

Minivans and Memories

Short-haul Suburbanites

In 2020, profiles will be developed and posted on this page for U.S. hunters and anglers. Overseas market summaries for the United Kingdom and Germany will also be available.