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Community Tourism Planning Guide

The Community Tourism Planning Guide helps local leaders direct and focus tourism planning capabilities at the community and district level.

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Prepared Destination Area Plans

The following are samples of Tourism Destination Area plans developed when communities, attractions, businesses and residents collaborate to increase tourism traffic to their region.

Tourism Highway Signage

For information on tourism highway signage, including points of interest, access, rest areas and tourism area gateways, click here.  

For tourism operators who require a highway sign change at the start or end of the season, please phone 306-933-8319 or 306-933-5672 for assistance.

Community Tourism Plans

Saskatchewan communities are increasingly turning to tourism as an opportunity for economic diversification and job creation. The retention of businesses and services in many communities depends more and more upon visitor spending. Twenty-five cities, towns, villages and First Nations across Saskatchewan have completed Community Tourism Plans since 2005. A number of these communities are prepared to share their Community Tourism Plans upon request. 

For more information, please contact the Tourism Saskatchewan Saskatoon office at (306) 933-5900.

Destination Development Association – Free Membership

Starting December 1, 2018 through until December 31, 2019, the Destination Development Association (founded by tourism development guru, Roger Brooks), is offering FREE memberships to its online community. Included in this membership is access to a wide range of online resources on topics from wayfinding signage to branding to downtown revitalization. Online materials are all free of charge to view or download, and include how-to’s, tips and tricks, step-by-step guides, monthly webinars, case histories, research and trends, and many more.

Who should join? Anyone who is involved in community tourism, downtown associations, community and economic developers, chambers of commerce, arts and historical associations, and more. Access to the online community and the web resources will help members create an outstanding destination for residents, visitors and investors alike.

How do I sign up? Simply click here to visit the page to learn more, and click the “Join now” button at the top of the page to get your free membership.