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Clean It Right: Training for the Tourism, Hospitality and Retail Industry

Clean It Right: Training for the Tourism, Hospitality and Retail Industry

Clean it Right is an awareness and education program on enhanced cleaning for establishments, with the goal of regaining consumer confidence in returning to businesses post COVID-19.

The purpose of Clean It Right is not to replace a business’s existing cleaning standards of practice, but to enhance them by:

  • Helping people who work in the industry understand the significance of following the cleaning and disinfection procedures by adjusting current practices
  • Helping reā€gain consumer confidence in the industry by making the commitment to provide a clean and safe environment for customers and employees

This training will raise awareness and educate participants on:

  • the necessity to have all staff aware and involved in cleaning
  • types of cleaning solutions
  • the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting
  • what happens when things are not cleaned properly
  • all the areas that should be cleaned and disinfected
  • the frequency in which they need to be cleaned
  • and much more

It is important to note that this program is NOT a course to teach participants HOW to be cleaners, or to replace internal policies and procedures.

It is an awareness and education program that considers our current situation given COVID-19, and also a program that has long term benefits for business. The commitment to a clean and safe environment gives any business a competitive edge.

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A 100% pass rate is required to receive individual certification.

The training is for cleaners, but it is recommended that those who typically are non-cleaning staff also take this training.

The Clean It Right program is delivered in three individual modules. Participants can choose from:

  • Accommodation, including Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts Module
  • Restaurants and Food Services Module
  • Retail Businesses Module (includes special insert with checklists and procedures for Fitness Facilities and Gyms)

Upon passing the Clean It Right program, participants can download and save their Clean It Right certificate for printing.

Businesses who train all cleaning staff will earn Clean it Right Business designation. Designated businesses will receive a Clean it Right window decal and electronic logo to reassure the public of a clean and safe environment.

Clean It Right was developed by the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) and has been adapted by six other provinces, including Saskatchewan. The training enables businesses to clearly demonstrate a commitment to safety and cleanliness, and regain consumer confidence.

Clean it Right is supported and endorsed by the Retail Council of Canada, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association, Service Hospitality, Saskatchewan Bed & Breakfast Association, and Tourism HR Canada.

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Saskatchewan Tourism HR Canada
Service Hospitality

Retail Council of Canada

Saskatchewan Bed & Breakfast Association | Saskatchewan Accredited Bed and Breakfasts

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