Future Skills Framework Industry Consultation | Tourism Saskatchewan

Future Skills Framework

Focus Group for Tourism Managers and Supervisors

June 13 – 14, Saskatoon

This two-day session gives hospitality industry leaders, managers and supervisors the opportunity to shape the future of tourism work and critical labour issues that have an impact on competitiveness.

Tourism HR Canada and Tourism Saskatchewan are conducting this session to share information and explore industry's ideas toward building the Future Skills Framework, a library of competencies for the Canadian tourism industry.

This session is intended to identify and build the key competencies that embody leadership in the tourism industry.

Key Subjects for Discussion:

  • Review and discuss the Future Skills Framework categories and competencies
  • Review and develop competencies relating to leadership in the tourism industry

Industry leaders make it happen

The meeting will have up to 20 participants that have been selected from across Saskatchewan as experts in the tourism industry, with a focus on leadership. The participants of this focus group will use their significant experience in operations, research and training to inform the content of the framework competencies.

The focus group will be facilitated by Lyne Marcil, Director, Psychometric Services, at Tourism HR Canada. Lyne will guide participants through various questions and prepared material to get input and feedback. The session will make use of activities such as group discussion and small group activities. Industry input, along with other supporting research, and further consultations, if needed, will be consolidated into a set of competencies that will define tourism leadership.

Participants will actively contribute to the open discussions and will be called on to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts on a variety of leadership related topics. Tourism HR Canada wants to collect different ideas and opinions, and work with the group to achieve agreement or consensus on the content of the competencies.

The meeting will be fast-paced, with breaks, refreshments, snacks, lunches and time to meet your colleagues. Participants should dress casually. Participants are not required to prepare for this focus group and do not need to bring any material or supplies. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by Tourism HR Canada.

Focus Group Details

June 13-14, 2019, Saskatoon


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Registration and Networking
9:00   Welcome and Introductions
THRC & FSF Overview
Participant Role and Information
10:30   Break
10:45   Review of Competency Map
12:00   Catered Lunch
  Discussion of Competency Map
2:30   Break
2:45   Content Development
4:20   Closing Remarks
4:30   Adjourn

Friday, June 14, 2019

Welcome & Day 1 Debrief
8:45   Competency Review and Development
10:30   Break
10:45   Content Development - Small group exercise
12:00   Catered Lunch
1:00   Content Development - Small group exercise
2:30   Content Development – Large Group Discussion
   Survey and Feedback
   Closing Remarks
3:00    Focus Group Ends

For more information about the objectives of the Future Skills Framework or comments about this focus group, please contact Chris McDonald at Tourism HR Canada, cmcdonald@tourismhr.ca