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Tourism Saskatchewan is committed to providing industry partners with high quality and timely data and insights, which help to enhance the effectiveness of marketing and destination development activities in Saskatchewan. The Planning and Research branch regularly publishes a variety of reports covering tourism and industry trends, regional tourism activity, labour force information, and the results of primary and secondary research projects conducted both internally and by external research partners.

Results of Saskatchewan Residents COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Survey

Tourism Saskatchewan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, conducted a two-wave online survey with Saskatchewan residents to gauge travel intentions in the months ahead. Surveys conducted in May and June collected information reflecting where residents are inclined to travel this summer, their preferred trip length and anticipated activities, and other information.

The Importance of Tourism

Saskatchewan’s visitor economy grows when more people travel to and within the province, and visitors interact more with a destination. Shopping, dining, purchasing transportation and accommodations, buying event tickets, attending galleries and performances, and other activities all contribute to a stronger visitor economy. The PDF below outlines key fast facts that make up Saskatchewan’s strong, vibrant tourism sector.

Tourism Trends

The Tourism Trends Report presents a review of tourism statistics and trends for Saskatchewan. It contains information about Saskatchewan-US border crossings, international air travel, hotel occupancy and average daily rates, tourism employment, average gasoline prices, discretionary spending habits, and average exchange rates for selected countries. Information is updated on a quarterly basis.

Provincial and Regional Profiles

The provincial and regional profile reports illustrate the characteristics and travel behaviours of visitors to each of the five tourism regions of our province, as well as the cities of Saskatoon and Regina. The information provided in these profiles is based on customized tabulations of 2016/2017 Statistics Canada data, using data management principles developed by Galea Corp. and Research Resolutions & Consulting Ltd. in conjunction with provincial partners. Check back to this page for additional regional profiles as they become available.

Trends Report: U.S. Hunting and Angling in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan continues to gain recognition in the United States as a premier destination for hunting and fishing. Click on the PDF below for more information.

Statistics Canada - Snapshot of Saskatchewan Visitors

The Statistics Canada Travel Survey of Residents of Canada reflects trends, characteristics, spending and activities of Canadians travelling within their home country. The PDF below summarizes the characteristics of Saskatchewan travellers, travel spending and top draws for leisure travel. 

Indigenous Tourism Experiences – Creating Opportunities in Saskatchewan’s Export Markets

Across Canada, Indigenous tourism generates $2.7 billion in gross economic output, $1.4 billion in GDP and more than $142 million in taxes. Tourism Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Indigenous Tourism Corridor, hired Insightrix Research to conduct a qualitative research study with key travel markets to gauge interest in Indigenous tourism experiences in Saskatchewan.

Six online chat-based focus groups were held with English-speaking international travellers living in Tourism Saskatchewan’s key markets: Canada (short-haul and long-haul), Germany, U.K. and U.S. (short haul and long-haul). Focus groups took place in August 2019 and each consisted of eight to 10 participants. One-on-one interviews with ten Chinese tour operators took place in October 2019.

The report, Indigenous Tourism Experiences, details the findings and recommendations for developing and marketing Indigenous tourism opportunities.

Tourism Labour and Employment

Did you know that 31 per cent of people in tourism-related employment are youth between 15 and 24 years old? The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) department of Tourism Saskatchewan collects and disseminates statistics related to tourism employment in Saskatchewan.

Tourism Apprenticeships

The Saskatchewan Training and Education Council (STEC) works in partnership with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission to provide opportunities for experienced front line workers to complete their Journeyperson certification.

Top Five Tips for Collecting Consumer Information

Tourism businesses gain a competitive edge by taking a greater interest in visitors and acquiring a few details about them. It makes good business sense to know your customers. Just a few short questions can uncover helpful facts. For example, if improving your marketing strategy is a priority, asking customers how they heard about your business can help determine the best use of advertising dollars. To determine strong target markets, knowing where visitors are from is necessary. Click on the PDF below for a few tips on how to gather and use consumer information.

Research from Other Sources

Below are links to statistics and research from organizations, such as the Destination Canada and Statistics Canada.

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