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Technical Support - SIRS

For technical assistance on SIRS online accounts or other educational programs, please call the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) toll-free at 1-800-331-1529.

Tourism Highway Signage

For information on tourism highway signage, including points of interest, access, rest areas and tourism area gateways, click here.  

For tourism operators who require a highway sign change at the start or end of the season, please phone 306-933-8319 or 306-933-5672 for assistance.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, including interview requests and corporate communications, please contact:

Elizabeth Braitenbach, Manager of Communications, at (306) 787-5530 or, or

Aidan Morgan, Marketing and Communications Specialist, at (306) 787-1913 or

Travel Media Inquiries

For Travel Media inquiries, please contact:

Jodi Holliday, Travel Influencer and Brand Advocate Specialist at (306) 787-0988 or, or

Daryl Demoskoff, Travel Media Consultant at (306) 787-3712 or