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The Employer of Choice stands out for exceptional HR

People are an organization's most important asset. They have the greatest effect on profit and loss but do not appear on a balance sheet. HR audits are one way an organization can ensure it is doing the right things to create and sustain a productive, motivated workforce. The Employer of Choice designation will advertise your successful HR strategies.


An HR audit helps organizations in the following ways:

  • Provides objective feedback based on real data (documentation and surveys). It allows you to identify areas of excellence and shows that you understand what employees most value.
  • Helps eliminate simple but common errors employers make and provides input on alternatives to help you improve.
  • Lets you see if programs and policies are working the way they were intended and to find out if there are new legislative requirements that need to be incorporated into the workplace.
Organizations want to do the right thing. The Employer of Choice designation is your opportunity for continuous improvement of “people” practices that ultimately impact your business success.

Employers of Choice are able to recruit and retain top talent. Constant employee turnover impacts customer service. Employer of Choice designation helps you develop a tactical advantage over competitors by ensuring that you can deliver consistent and excellent customer service and maintain customer loyalty. In today's labour market, employers have to offer more to attract the best — an Employer of Choice is an employer that offers more. A Tourism Saskatchewan Employer of Choice designation not only helps workers choose one employer over another, it also helps an employer keep star performers.

An Employer of Choice designation is not only recognized and valued by workers, customers recognize it as a place that will likely provide a better level of service than a competitor.

All Saskatchewan employers are invited to apply to be recognized as Tourism Saskatchewan Employer of Choice by completing an audit of their property’s human resource practices. All you need to do is show that your property has solid and effective HR practices. You do not need to have an HR department to participate.