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Human Resources/Staffing Plan

There are several aspects to consider when developing a human resources plan:
• Develop a comprehensive staff training plan for management, non-management, partners, shareholders and anyone else who will be involved in the venture. Tourism Saskatchewan’s education department, the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), is nationally and internationally recognized for its delivery of programs in support of human resource development in the tourism sector. This training includes National Occupational Standards in 31 tourism occupations and 26 certification options in both professional and specialist categories. Contact with STEC is advised – stec.com.
• Build a plan to recruit and retain staff. Tourism ventures are often seasonal and, as a result, experience high staff turnover. You will need to take this into account and build a plan to meet these challenges.
• Account for the costs of compensation, salaries, insurance and benefits in your staffing plan. Recruitment and retention costs can be extensive and, therefore, should be calculated here.
• Research labour and employment standards and costs. The Labour Standards Branch of the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety is responsible for enforcing the standards under The Labour Standards Act.
• Develop a succession plan to protect your business and ensure its continuity in the event that you sell, retire or leave due to unforeseen circumstances.