National and International Tourism Events

Tourism Saskatchewan defines a National or International Tourism Event as one that:

  • demonstrates sufficient national or international reputation to draw tourists (reputation);
  • demonstrates a national or international reputation that attracts significant media exposure (media); and
  • does not recur annually in Saskatchewan, but travels nationally or internationally to host destinations (one-time).
The National and International Tourism Events Category will provide support to encourage the attraction, hosting and marketing of one-time, national and international events in the areas of sports, culture, meetings and conventions. This category provides funding assistance for organizations to bid, host and market one-time events of a size and scope sufficient to draw significant visitation to the province and to showcase Saskatchewan's communities nationally and globally.

Each National and International Tourism Events application will be assessed for the following:

  • an increase in tourist visitation and tourist receipts in Saskatchewan;
  • an increase in national/international profile for Saskatchewan; and
  • a strong economic impact.
National and International Tourism Events Guidelines

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