The Importance of Tourism

Tourism links communities throughout our vast province, and defines our image – how we see ourselves and how others see us. It is also a significant economic driver. 

The sector employs diverse Saskatchewan citizens, including service station attendants to golf resort owners. Residents in every community, large and small, rural and urban, are engaged in tourism activities. Over 67,000 people (nearly 10 per cent of Saskatchewan workers) of all ages, ethnicities and skill sets derive their livelihood from tourism. 

Saskatchewan's tourism sector comprises five industries: accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. From restaurants to museums, tourism touches every corner. Virtually all areas of business are influenced by tourism.

Print Travel Literature

Tourism Saskatchewan produces printed travel guides. Click here to view the guides in PDF format on

With engaging copy and stunning photography, the 2019 Saskatchewan Travel Guide features top travel in the south, central and north tourism areas of the province, as well as holiday highlights in Regina and Saskatoon. Each section has event information, winter content and feature articles that put the spotlight on the area’s key experiences – from hidden gems and family fun in Saskatchewan parks to game day festivities and top-notch dining.

To improve the utility of the guide for consumers, larger conceptual maps in each section include all of the regional, provincial and national parks, as well as major attractions throughout the area. An extensive index provides travellers with contact information for the businesses, attractions and events mentioned throughout the publication.

The 2019 Saskatchewan Fishing & Hunting Map  features more than 180 operators plotted on the map of Saskatchewan, along with the species available at each location. The reverse side showcases stunning photography, and provides useful information on species, as well as season dates, licensing information, and some provincial regulations.

The 2018-2019 Official Saskatchewan Road Map has also been published for 2019. 

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Fast Facts about Saskatchewan's Tourism Industry

  • Tourism contributed $2.37 billion in total traveller expenditures to the provincial economy in 2017.
  • Tourism is our province's fourth largest export industry and export sales for 2017 were $608 million. This is money spent in the province by non-resident visitors.
  • Tourism is a significant revenue source for hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, museums, art galleries, parks, fishing and hunting outfitters, nightclubs, casinos, sporting events, shopping malls, festivals, craft shops, golf courses and many other endeavours. In 2017, there were 13.6 million visits to and within Saskatchewan.
  • There are over 3,200 organizations offering over 4,200 attractions, events, and tourism-related businesses in the province.
  • There were more than 67,000 tourism-related jobs in the province in August 2017. This is over 10 per cent of the current working population. Tourism offers employment to youth and residents of rural and northern communities. This is more than twice as many people as the mining and oil and gas sectors combined, and almost twice as many as the manufacturing sector.
  • Seven out of 10 workers got their first job in the tourism industry.
  • Tourism encourages entrepreneurship – more than 95 per cent of tourism and tourism-related business are small- or medium-sized companies and many are independently owned and operated.


For more information, view the Saskatchewan Tourism Industry FAQ.